Newest Milan signing admits: “I’ve been a Juventus fan since I was a kid”

With football becoming a field dominated by finances rather than passion as it was in its earlier glory days, players switching between rival teams for the right fee isn’t something so taboo as it was back in the days. For certain, such moves can earn a rather unwelcoming reaction from the supporters, but that’s the maximum level. And even these reactions have been toned down lately. Of course, we have to take into consideration moves like Gonzalo Higuain leaving Napoli for Juventus, which stirred an uproar from fans of the Southern Italian team; or Bonucci’s move from Juventus to Milan in that only season he played for the Rossoneri, which caused the Bianconeri fans to belittle him upon his return to Turin. And there’s so much examples I can add, but then I look at, for instance, Alvaro Morata’s transfer from Chelsea to Atletico Madrid; and realize the Colchoneros have been quite welcoming, given the fact that Morata was a Real Madrid player. Of course, Morata had played for Atletico in their youth team, but has moved to Real before starting his professional career. So technically, Real is the team which “raised him” to professional football. 


But some players tend to act like they’re loyal to the club they’re playing at, only to later let down fans and earn their ire by signing with a rival team. It’s not exactly like Zlatan Ibrahimovic earned someone’s ire by switching back and forth between Juventus, Milan and Inter, but he made love declarations to all the three clubs; and all the clubs he ever played at, from Ajax to Paris Saint-Germain to LA Galaxy. Each of them. A little bit of honesty wouldn’t hurt in this kind of situation, one might think. Then, we have this overly honest kid. 

Milos Kerkez, who is a 17-year-old Hungarian left-back, was transferred by AC Milan from  Gyori ETO and had issued a surprising declaration shortly after the official unveiling at his new club.


In an interview with the club’s official website in Hungary, immediately after leaving for Italy, Milos Kerkes admitted that he is a Juventus fan since childhood, but now, once he wears the Milan shirt, everything will change. He signed with Milan and admitted that he is a Juventus fan since childhood. “I have been with Juventus since I was a child, but now the situation needs to change. I hope that Milan remains on the first place in the ranking “, said Milos Kerkez, according to Tuttosport. Even though he supported Juventus so far, Milos Kerkez considers Paolo Maldini, the legend of AC Milan, currently the technical director of the club, the best defender in history.


“I think Paolo Maldini is the best defender in history. Theo Hernandez is one of the best in his position at the moment “, the Hungarian defender transmitted. Milos Kerkez was officially presented by AC Milan on February 1, in the last hours of the transfer period and will play, at least for now, for the Primavera team.

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