Donnarumma, extension with Milan amid speculation

Now the sports press in Romania has become, suddenly, extremely interested in the matter of Gigi Donnaruma’s situation at AC Milan. Which is not something new; they were also at it when the miracle kid aka Buffon 2.0 was working miracles in the goal of a Milan that didn’t even manage to qualify for Europa League. Like everyone was at that time. Only now they have an extra reason. Why? Because, lmao, we also have a goalkeeper who cleans the bench there and we hope that he will have a chance to play at Milan. Even if Milan wouldn’t have even allowed him to take a trial in their old days. Even though he himself was not satisfied with his status as Anthony Lopes’ substitute at Lyon. Now he gets to see Donnaruma from the bench, as if the kid is a future legend or something and suddenly being his sub would be something to boast about. The current AC Milan is a joke. Even if, in case Donnaruma left, Milan would still bring another goalkeeper, and Tatarusanu would remain a sub until the end of his career (the fact that he managed to sign with Milan at his age is a glorification of his efforts for so many years, a beautiful way for a goalkeeper to end his career). It’s funny that Lopes’ sub at Lyon is now in Milan’s squad, but it’s not surprising if we consider that the team’s transfer policy is not very rational in the first place. You can cry after Krychowiak.


However, due to Tatarusanu’s presence on Meazza, the hot topic in Romania is Donnaruma’s entry in the last 6 months of his contract with Milan. The club, per se, would like to be able to expand his contract. It’s just that Donnaruma’s more like a spoiled little prince now, bratty and pretentious. And considering that an old snake like Mino Raiola (the best player agent in European football, word) whispers in his ear, it’s also normal that he’d be like that. The two came to the conclusion that a salary of ten million euros is only suitable for Prince Donnaruma. Need I remind you that we are in a pandemic that has generated an economic crisis that largely affects football clubs? Possibly also affects the brains of some, given the obvious logic lapse? Ten million euros and a contract valid only for a year or two, as it would be a shame for Donnaruma not to leave a team as mediocre as Milan. Right?


And it is said that the prince also has offers. Chelsea and PSG would be happy to bring him to their plastic teams, probably luring him with a much higher salary than he demands from Milan. Who would have money to satisfy a little priceling’s airs? Of course, the answer is Russians and Arabians.


P.S.: to the Digi Sport redaction claiming that Tatarusanu stands a chance to be regular in case of Donnaruma’s departure… LMFAO YOU’RE FUCKING DELUSIONAL XD.

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