Buffon suspended for blasphemy

If East Germany is the most atheistic region in the whole Europe (yeah, this is still an issue tho if we’re talking about countries the most atheistic would be Czech Republic), then Italy is the most Christian country on the continent. Absurdly so. It’s funny in thinking how the Christian religion originates from Israel during it’s occupation by the Roman Empire (who’s center was present day Italy), yet it’s core territory became the seat of Christianity itself (aka Vatican and the Pope have a lot more power over believers than the Patriarch of Constantinople given the superior number of Catholics in comparison to Orthodox in the whole world).  But we’re not exactly here to debate history, just to, uhm… share a laugh at how biased Italy can be when it comes to religion? If there’s one country in the world aiming to be more Catholic than the Pope, that would undoubtedly be Italy, and not even football is an area which is exempt from that. I mean, blasphemy in Italian football is as frowned upon as it’s racism in international football nowadays. Which is a bit ironic in considering how, while UEFA, FIFA and other European federations have this anti-racist campaign ungoing, the Italian supporters are blatantly racist but blasphemy is an actual crime. The holy teachings of the Bible are taken quite literally there (yes, they have the teachings in mind when you make the mistake of stealing, that’s why Romanians and Albanians are so poorly viewed in Italian society), so there’s absolutely no middle ground in there.


Okay, but enough of introductions already, this stuff is already getting you lot of readers (lol) bored. So, imagine you’re a goalkeeper, and you barely manage to defend your own goal from a ball that the other team can score. And you cry out God’s name in frustration. It goes against the teachings of the Holy Bible, which most of the Christian countries in Europe ignore. Not Italy tho, they have this “Blasphemy Law,” that the Italian FA has recently developed, which actually allows referees to give a player a red card to send off in the slim chance they say God’s name in vain. No matter whether they’re Italian or foreign. And in case the referee was too blind to notice that, the player could get suspended by the FA instead. The only thing they need to get off the pitch under FA decision is a replay to confirm the player was saying “God.”


And there you get it. Juventus legend goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon actually screamed God’s name in the match against Parma WHICH TOOK PLACE ON 19 DECEMBER LAST YEAR. Yep, took them a few months, but Buffon is getting suspended by the FA for one match. 3 months after the respective incident. I can feel a headache starting to form in my brain already. Buffon said he instead said Zio (Uncle).


“The idea may be be fair, but let’s see who can prove that the player said Dio, Zio or Dino,” said Buffon.

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