Lampard could be sacked at Chelsea. Andriy Shevchenko, his possible successor

Chelsea has had some rather poor results lately.  On Sunday, they lost 1-3 against Manchester City on Stamford Bridge, loss which sees them currently on 9th place, with 26 points, same as Aston Villa, but the latter is ahead of Chelsea due to away goals (it was 1-1 on the Bridge between the two teams during the Blues’ last match in 2020). In the last 6 games in the Premier League, Chelsea has recorded a total of 4 losses, a draw and a win. Extremely disappointing results, with losses against Everton and Wolverhampton to boot. Ok, Everton is clearly fighting for a place in European competitions this seasons, so that loss wouldn’t be as disappointing, especially since they are technically above Chelsea being ranked 7th but Wolverhampton? They’re 13th place so it does count as quite the embarrassing loss. With such a season start, it will be quite difficult for Chelsea to earn a place in an European competition this season, especially with the new regulation with Europa League and Conference League. A place in the Champions League is as far as possible, unless there’s a solid form in this half of the championship that may ensure Chelsea a comeback. 


With all of this considered, Frank Lampard, the current coach, is on the verge of sacking, but the former England international has declared himself unconcerned with such rumors. “I’m not concerned on that point or being relaxed about whether we can have peaks or troughs, I’ve just spoken about where we are at. I expected periods of difficulties this year. I said it when we beat Leeds and everyone was championing us to be title contenders. I know it doesn’t come that easy. I know where we are at. Whether it puts pressure on me or not is regardless. One month ago everyone was asking whether I’d sign a new contract, now people will be saying different things because in quick succession over a tight busy period we’ve lost four games of football.”, said Lampard, asked about whether he fears a sacking over Chelsea’s poor league run. 


There have been a couple of managers considered for his replacement, among them being Brendan Rodgers (who’s doing a great job at Leicester City, competing for Europe with the former surprise champions of 2016), Thomas Tuchel (free agent after his sacking from Paris Saint-Germain), but the most notorious one would be Andriy Schevchenko, Ukraine’s current manager and Chelsea’s former ace. After his retirement, Shevchenko had a brief run in his country’s politics, trying to earn a seat in the Parliament on Ukraine-Forward! party’s list, but failing due to the low votes in the 2012 election. Four years later, he was appointed manager of Ukraine and has led his country to qualification to Euro 2020, after failing to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. It remains to be seen whether Shevchenko will stay at his country for the tournament, or leave to manage Chelsea if Lampard is sacked. 


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