Archive: UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying – first rounds (2)

Group E

In this group, the first four teams are each tied by 3 points despite a few having played two matches rather than just one. Slovakia temporarily sits on the first place after their 2-0 win over Hungary in Trnava and their 0-1 loss against Wales in Cardiff. Wales is second place, and that game with Slovakia had been their first and only game in the campaign so far. Hungary is third place, after their loss against Slovakia and their surprising 2-1 win over Croatia, after the World Cup’s ex-runners up had opened the score and been leading until the 30th minute. Croatia is fourth place, after a 2-1 win over Azerbaidjan (obtained after coming down from 0-1) and a 1-2 loss over Hungary. Meanwhile, Azerbaidjan is last place, with only their loss over Croatia being their game in the start of these qualifiers. 

Group F

Spain is leading the group, with 6 points, after having won their first two matches: 2-1 with Norway and 2-0 with Malta. Sweden is second place, with 4 points, after a 2-1 win over Romania and a 3-3 draw with Norway. Romania is third place, with 3 points, after their loss over Sweden and a win with 4-1 over Faroe Islands. Malta is fourth place, with the same 3 points, after their loss with Spain and 2-1 with Faroe Islands. Norway is fifth place, with a single point, after their loss with Spain and their draw with Sweden. Faroe Islands are last place after their losses with both Malta and Romania. 

Group G

Poland is leading the group, with 6 points, after their wins over Austria (1-0) and Latvia (2-0). Israel is second place, with 4 points, after their draw with Slovenia and a 4-2 win over Austria. North Macedonia is on third place, with 4 points, after a 3-1 win over Latvia and a 1-1 draw with Slovenia. Slovenia is on fourth place with 2 points as a result of their draws with Israel and Macedonia. Austria is surprisingly low in the rankings, after their narrow loss with Poland and their trashing by Israel after they had opened the score. But of course, the worst off has to be Latvia, last place after being defeated by both Poland and North Macedonia.

Group H

France is leading the group with 6 points, after winning their opening matches with Moldova (4-1) and Iceland (4-0). Turkey is second place with the same number of points, after their wins over Albania (2-0) and Moldova (4-0). Albania is on the third place after a 3-0 win over Andorra and their loss against Turkey; Iceland on fourth after a 2-0 win over Andorra and a loss with France. Andorra and Moldova are sharing the last place.

Group I

Belgium leads the group with 6 points, following their wins over Russia and Cyprus. Russia is second place after winning 3 points against Kazakhstan, 4-0 at Astana. Kazakhstan is third after having beaten Scotland and lost against Russia; Cyprus is third after beating San Marino but losing to Belgium, while Scotland is fifth after their victory over San Marino and defeat over Kazakhstan. And San Marino is last.

Group J

Italy is first after having won against both Finland (2-0) and Liechtenstein (6-0). Greece is second after a win with Liechtenstein and a draw with Bosnia, while Bosnia is third after a win with Armenia and the draw with Greece (2-2); the two teams both have 4 points, but Greeks are ahead on away goals. Finland is fourth after a win to Armenia and a loss to Italy, while Armenia and Liechtenstein share the last place.

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