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So, during the past two weeks, there had been this rather long international break, with the Euro 2020 qualifiers starting up, on their first two rounds. Let’s see the results of this campaign start.

Group A

England sits atop of the group, with 6 points, after winning their first two matches, 5-0 with Czech Republic on Wembley and 5-1 over Montenegro at Podgorica. With a goal difference of 10-1, the English are comfortably sitting on that first place, and honestly, no one would have expected anything to unfold differently. Bulgaria holds a temporary second place, which allows direct qualification for the tournament, with 2 points after two draws: 1-1 with Montenegro in Sofia and 1-1 with Kosovo in Pristina. Kosovo are third place, but they have so far only played against Bulgaria so they have 1 point. Montengero is fourth place, with one match more than Kosovo, and a single point after a draw with Bulgaria and a heavy loss to England. Meanwhile, Czech Republic is last place after their trashing by England, but, given their value, I have reasons to think they will be the other one to make it to the Euros, apart from England. 

Group B

Ukraine holds the first place in the group, for now, with 4 points after a blank draw with Portugal and a 2-1 win over Luxembourg in Luxembourg City. Luxembourg themselves hold the second place, with 3 points, after their 2-1 victory over Lithuania, which is funny since they will not be able to finish the qualifiers on this spot anyway. Portugal, surprisingly enough, is only third place after draws with Ukraine and Serbia, with only 2 points. Serbia is fourth, but only because their match with Portugal was so far the only match they played up until now. While Lithuania is last place over their defeat against Luxembourg, that being their only match in the group whatsoever. 

Group C

Northern Ireland holds the first place in the group, temporarily, with 6 points after their wins over Estonia (2-0) and Belarus (2-1), both which took place in Belfast. It demonstrated their force, but qualification itself will be hard with two pourhouses in the group… Germany is second place with 3 points after their 3-2 win over Netherlands, with just one match in the qualifiers at this point. While Netherlands is third place with the same 3 points, after a 4-0 win over Belarus, as well as their loss against Germany. Estonia is fourth place with no points but only a single match played, while Belarus is last place after having lost both their opening matches in the group.

Group D

Ireland holds the first place on this group, with 6 points, but they haven’t really met any of the more tougher opponents in the group, easily winning their opening matches over Gibraltar and Georgia, and both with only 1-0. Switzerland is second place, with 4 points, after a 2-0 win over Georgia and a 3-3 draw with Denmark. Said Denmark is third place, with only the match against Switzerland in their record, while Gibraltar and Georgia are sharing the first place following their losses. 

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